boy moms

Moms Need Mentors Too

Hospitals and birth centers don’t send new moms home with mentors, but maybe they should.  According to the dictionary, a mentor is “an experienced and

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boy dancing tango with girl

Yes, Boys Can Dance

It’s 2019. I can’t believe I have to say this, but here it goes: BOYS CAN DANCE.  One day after releasing a podcast episode with

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boy eating watermelon
4th of July

Enjoying Summer with Boys

Five years ago, my then-eight-year-old son pulled himself around the bases on his belly. It was the postscript to a day of Independence Day celebrations,

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black graduation cap w white tassel on cupcake

On Graduation & Growing

My second son graduates from high school in five days. I thought I was ready. After all, this isn’t my first go-’round. I’ve already graduated

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