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orange arrowThere’s no such thing as a “typical boy”

All boys are different. So while boys, generally speaking, are prone to movement and risk-taking, we know that’s not true of all boys. We steer away from stereotypes.

orange arrowAll boys can succeed

We define “success” as productive engagement with the world. All boys have something important to contribute to the world.

orange arrowAsking a 5-year- old boy to sit still for most of the day is ridiculous

Boys, especially young boys, learn best through play, movement and experimentation. Schools that push early academics hurt far more boys than they help.

orange arrowPlaying with sticks, swords and toy guns is absolutely OK

The research is clear: there is no link between “violent” play and true violence. Pretend weapons play is perfectly healthy and may help boys cope with their fears and feelings.

orange arrowBoys cry too

You’ll never hear us say, “man up!” in an effort to stifle emotion. For too long, boys and men have been encouraged to hide their feelings. We want to make it OK for boys to feel (and express) their emotions.

orange arrowUnderstanding boys is the first step toward effectively parenting and educating boys

Boys are different than girls, and so is their experience of the world. In order to best help our boys, we need to learn all we can about them and their experience.

orange arrowBoys’ interests should be respected

Too often, boys’ interests are belittled and considered “a waste of time.” But an interest in anything can lead anywhere, and that’s as true for video games and sports as it is for Newtonian physics and engineering.

orange arrowBoys deserve the facts about sex. And relationships

It’s almost impossible to avoid porn in today’s digitally connected world. That’s why it’s more important than ever to provide our boys with accurate information regarding sex, health and contraception, and why it’s absolutely crucial to talk to our boys about love, respect and relationships as well.

orange arrowMost adults are well-meaning

The vast majority of teachers, coaches and parents genuinely want to help the kids in their charge. But they don’t all understand boys, and some haven’t confronted or resolved their own issues. Sharing information and working together is more productive in effecting change than blame and shaming.

orange arrowBuilding boys will improve the world

Healthy, confident boys grow into healthy, confident men. Together, we can expand our boys’ opportunities and make a difference for the next generation.

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BuildingBoys was founded in 2013 by Jennifer L.W. Fink, a freelance writer and mother of four boys…

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