Safety Tips For Parents Teaching Their Boys How To Drive

Are you intimidated by the prospect of teaching boys how to drive? 

When it comes to building independence in your son, one of the best things you can do is to teach him how to drive (when he reaches the legal age!)

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Of course, the prospect of your son taking the wheel can be a nerve-wracking, especially given the accident statistics associated with teenage drivers. Whether due to inexperience or over-confidence, young drivers can be a danger to themselves (and others). Other drivers can also be a problem, and this might also be a worry to you. An injury lawyer can help in the event of an accident, but the best thing for you to do is help your teen pre-empt an accident in the first place. 

With all of the above in mind, follow these safety tips when teaching your son how to drive. 

#1: Don’t take to the roads straight away

It’s always wise to find an empty parking lot or a similar space before heading out onto the roads. Here, you will be able to teach your teen the basics of driving, without the worry of other drivers getting in the way. For the first couple of lessons, give your son a tour of the vehicle, and let him get comfortable with hitting the gas and brake pedals and turning the wheel. Follow these driving basics when you teach your teen, and perhaps show him the included video tutorials before their first outing with you.  

#2: Plan out a route in advance

When taking your teen out onto the roads for the first time, plan the route in advance. Get familiar with it yourself so you know what to expect, as this will help you guide your son when he is behind the wheel. Choose quieter areas of your neighborhood at first and take steps to avoid congested areas to reduce the chances of an early accident. 

#3: Stay calm

Your son will make mistakes but it’s how you react that matters. If you shout and get angry at him, or start to panic, your son might make more mistakes because he’s likely be become flustered. You might also damage his self-confidence if you react negatively and this could negatively affect his driving ability. So, do what you can to be a calmer parent, and gently ask your son to pull over for a few minutes if you need to discuss mistakes. 

#4: Practice in a range of conditions

It’s sensible to practice driving in the daylight for the first few sessions, but as your son gets better at driving, mix things up a little. Take him out at night so he gets used to driving in the dark and get used him used to inclement weather conditions too. You will need to guide him on the different driving techniques needed for different environments, so educate your teen on these before each lesson.

Other things you can do as a parent

As a parent, remember that you don’t have to be your son’s sole driving teacher. Enroll him in a drivers education course as well as a safe driving program

Talk to your son about the dangers of distracted driving too, and explain the dangers of drug and alcohol use in relation to driving a car. Remind him of his responsibility when out on the roads, and when you’re behind the wheel, always be a good role model. 

There is a lot more information online, so continue your research to ensure safety for both you and your son when you are teaching boys how to drive. 

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