Host The Best Lockdown Birthday With These Tips

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A birthday party for a young boy is hard enough to plan and coordinate, but a lockdown birthday? That’s a lot more difficult than usual! The outbreak of COVID-19 may have taken away playdates, school and most party scenarios, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your boy’s birthday the place to be this year. Birthday parties are still a thing, even during COVID-19.

Life for all kids looks a little odd right now, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate birthdays and it doesn’t mean that your son isn’t going to have a great time. You can still buy the paintball guns, even if you can’t use them just yet! It’s important remind kids  that the pandemic doesn’t have to ruin all their fun! With this in mind, we’ve got some of the best tips around to help you to host the best lockdown birthday possible.

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  • Plan ahead. The best tip is to plan ahead before you do anything. You can order gifts online, talk to family and your son’s friends to ensure that they can all attend an online Zoom candle-blowing celebration, and you can even order supplies online. If he has a favorite character, see if you can get a video call from someone dressed up as that character. If you want to have some fun, bake a cake for his birthday and get him involved with the baking process.
  • Get Decorating. You can go all out with house decor for when your little boy wakes up. Order 100 balloons and have them floating through the house, and while you can’t get the local soft play booked up for party time, you can get the banners, the balloons, the tablecloths and more all through the house. This is a lockdown birthday, which means that you have every excuse to pack out the house with as many colorful hanging things as possible. This is a day for your son – make the decor themed to his fave cartoon!
  • Treasure Hunt. If you make a scavenger hunt out of the presents, you’re going to light up your son’s life. Hide the paintball guns in one place, and the paintball gear in another. You could even hide a voucher and gift card for ammo for when you arrive. Paintballing is the ultimate thrill game for boys on their birthdays, and you can be a part of that, too!
  • Virtual Birthday Song. You can’t invite everyone around to the house, so the best thing you can do instead is to get your son’s friends ready on a virtual link so that he can blow out the candles on the cake with an audience. You can have everyone singing happy birthday and cheering for your son. Work with the parents to provide a party blower and hat so that all the kids are dressed up for birthday fun, too.

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