Raising Boys: Myths Debunked!

Raising boys can be a bit of a challenge. There is so much misinformation about what to do and not do as an adult to raise healthy, happy boys that it can be hard to know where the truth ends and the myths begin. 

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This blog post will debunk some of these myths, so you have a better idea of raising your son to grow into a man who knows himself well and is confident enough in his masculinity that he does not need approval from others!

Myth: “Boys Don’t Care About Their Appearance.”

The truth is that everyone cares to some degree about how they look. But, unfortunately, boys may not want to talk about it with you. However, if your son has concerns about how he looks and is self-conscious around other people, try to reassure him by complimenting him on essential things. 

Moreover, if he has a specific problem, like acne or weight gain, you can do some research together and normalize whatever is causing him to worry about how other people perceive him.

Note: Just like girls, boys’ perception of their bodies can be influenced by social media, magazines, movies & TV. And boys can also develop body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

Myth: Boys Are Only Interested In Video Games

Truth: most boys also like to read, play sports, build things and explore the outdoors. Boys go through many different stages of development during their childhood, so it’s important not to make assumptions about what interests them.

Instead, as a parent, you should encourage interests, find “hooks” for these pursuits, and support your child’s development in the most appropriate way to their needs. For example, explore their love for learning through the resources in the Age of Learning platform.

Myth: Boys Have No Manners 

Truth: Manners matter universally, not just girls! It’s important to teach your son that it’s okay to be polite and kind to others who he may meet in life. Furthermore, his manners might help him develop better social skills than one might not see otherwise.

You can start teaching your sons how to use words to express gratitude as early as a toddler by modeling them yourself. For example, saying “please” and “thank you” to your toddler whenever you interact, and make sure to give him plenty of positive reinforcement when he does the same.

Myth: Boys Are Violent

Parents often assume their sons will be more aggressive or violent than girls, but it’s a myth. Boys are not inherently more violent than girls, and adults socialize violence.

A lot of this has to do with the media’s portrayal of males as being aggressive or only interested in fighting, which features heavily in their marketing campaigns for children’s cartoons. It’s astounding that this is a misconception, yet people don’t seem to question it.

Myth: Boys Shouldn’t Cry

Boys can be pretty emotional beings and should never feel as if their emotions are not valid or acceptable because this is not true.

Some of the reasons boys might try their hardest not to cry are constant teasing by peers or embarrassment about showing their feelings in front of others. They also fear rejection or not being able to regain control of their emotions. As a parent, be aware of this and help your sons through these challenging times.


While boys can thrive in a nurturing environment, it is essential to remember that raising boys will never be easy or without challenges. There are many myths about what moms should do and not do as they raise their sons, but following the above guidelines from experts will help ensure a healthy and happy childhood.

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