Three Career Choices For Boys Who Love To Read And Write

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Even the most open-minded among us would agree that there are certain stereotypes about boys and girls in education.

The masses generally seem to believe that girls are more creative and excel more at English and Art. Boys are typically seen to show their strengths in topics such as science, math and woodwork. While this may well be the case for some children, for others it couldn’t be further from the truth. Plus, encouraging children to live up to a stereotype that simply isn’t their reality can end up being quite damaging for them.

For example, if your son excels at reading and writing, never try and push him into focusing on potential careers in math. Girls may statistically be better at creative writing, but there are plenty of boys out there who can do it too. If your son is thinking about what he might want to do as a career, encourage him to look into these types of jobs which all utilize good reading and writing skills.

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Blogs are typically run by women – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a male market out there! The decline in print newspapers and magazines means that more people are looking for news, opinions and features online instead. If your son is a skilled writer and is passionate about a certain topic, discuss with him the prospect of starting a blog. He will be able to set one up completely for free, so it’s something he can start working on while he is still in school. You can start to work on reading and writing skills together while he is still young, by considering english tutoring. If he wants to pursue a career in writing, blogging is a great way for him to get his name out there and to hone his skills before he enters the big wide world.


If your son has an interest in law and the justice system but doesn’t fancy being a lawyer himself, he may want to utilize his reading skills in a role as a paralegal. Paralegals support a legal team by fine-tuning case details and presenting the important details to the lawyers. This requires a sincere love for reading, as there may be a lot of pages to get through, all of which feature complex legal details and information on crimes. Paralegals are often relied on to keep the firm’s head above water and their work can have a direct impact on the end result of a criminal case.



It comes as no secret that marketing is a career which is very closely linked to good English skills. If your son has a natural ability to write for a number of different platforms, a career in marketing could be waiting for him after he has left school or college. He may need to write press releases, articles and engaging copy for social media, so it’s a very varied type of role. Your son could also work for himself as a marketing consultant, where rates of pay are very good. So if your child is showing strong ability when it comes to English, know that there are plenty of careers available if he wants to pursue his natural talent.

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