The Ultimate Guide: How to Cut the Cable Cord and Save Money

Cutting the cable cord can save you money and provide access to many streaming services — while ensuring that you & your boys still have access to your favorite shows.

First, though, it’s a good idea to do some math to ensure it will save you money.

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Check Your Bill

As the economy continues to struggle, many consumers are searching for ways to save. They’re finding that cutting cable TV is a way to do just that. However, some critics try to reclaim old misconceptions and imply that cord-cutting isn’t affordable.

How to cut the cable cord? If you plan to cut the cable cord, reviewing your current bill first is essential. Look at the channels you watch often and identify those you can do without. For instance, removing HBO’s Max streaming service could save up to $16 on your monthly cable bill with some service providers.

Also, if you have home internet as part of your cable TV bundle, you can find cheaper options for that service alone.

Stream Your Favorite Shows

There has never been a time when you could watch so many great shows for so little money. But with so many options out there, it’s essential to determine your TV must-haves before you ditch cable for sound.

Once you’ve made a list of your favorite shows, it’s time to figure out how to stream them without a cable or satellite subscription. If you are willing to wait a few months for new episodes of your favorite shows or don’t mind subscribing to different streaming services for live TV and on-demand content, then cord-cutting is an easy decision.

Plus, various networks stream their shows after they air on free services. 

Get an Antenna

The one-time cost of a digital television can save you months of your cable TV subscription. And, with high-resolution streaming options, you can enjoy many of the same shows as you would with a cable subscription.

There are a variety of HDTV antenna models, and all perform differently depending on your location. Before you buy, check to see which models work best in your area. And feel free to return an antenna if it doesn’t work well for you. You can do this within 30 days. The sooner you cut the cord, the more money you’ll save.

Stream Sports

Getting rid of cable can be challenging for sports fans, but most streaming services offer some sports packages.

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While cutting the cord can save you money, it’s essential to consider how many streaming services you’ll need and their corresponding prices. It can get expensive quickly, especially with most primary streaming services recently raising monthly subscription rates. 

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