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On Boys: Real Talk about Parenting, Teaching and Reaching Tomorrow’s Men is live TODAY!

If you’ve ever wondered, why do boys DO that?,  this is the podcast for you. My co-host, Janet Allison, and I have spent the past three months planning and building this podcast. We’re already talked about helping boys deal with disappointment, homework, anger, and masculinity in the age of #MeToo. (Those last two will be out soon.) We know you’re busy, so each episode is only about 20-30 minutes and features humor, insight, and take-away tips you can use right now, at home or in the  classroom, to help boys grow into healthy men.

How to Listen

If you’re a podcast aficionado, simply subscribe to us via your favorite podcast app or software.

If you’re new to podcasts, you can start at our website and either:

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Alternately, you can download a podcast app onto your phone (I’m a big fan to Stitcher) and look for us there. Simply type “On Boys” into the search bar, and two or three clicks later, you’ll be all set.

How You Can Help

We want this podcast to address the issues and concerns that are pulling at your heart and mind. So tell us: what topics would you like us to address? In the comments below, feel free to suggest topics and guests, and to pose questions. We’ll do our best to cover your suggestions in future episodes.

Please also share the podcast with your friends. Word-of-mouth is so incredibly important in developing podcast listenership.

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The Building Boys Bulletin

The Building Boys Bulletin Newsletter gives you the facts, encouragement, and inspiration you need to help boys thrive. Written by Jennifer L.W. Fink, mom of four sons and author of Building Boys: Raising Great Guys in a World That Misunderstands Males, Building Boys Bulletin includes:

The Building Boys Bulletin is funded by direct subscriptions from readers like you. If you’d like the full experience, please consider becoming a paying subscriber.

“I learned a lot about helping boys thrive over the past 20+ years — most of it the hard way! I’m eager to share what I’ve learned to make your path a little easier.”   – Jennifer

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