Enjoying Summer with Boys

boy eating watermelon

Five years ago, my then-eight-year-old son pulled himself around the bases on his belly. It was the postscript to a day of Independence Day celebrations, and his spontaneous endeavor taught me a lot about encouraging independence — and a lot about how well-meaning adults can inadvertently interfere with boys’ development. This year’s 4th of July […]

5 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside More

When we parents were younger, we were always playing outside with our friends. Now, that’s all changed. Due to a blend of technology and increased wariness about the state of the world, children are spending more times indoors than ever before. While it’s nice to know where they are, it’s also just true that people […]

Keeping Bored Boys Occupied During The Summer Holidays

If you’ve got young boys, you’re probably familiar with the phrase ‘I’m bored.’ Keeping bored boys occupied can be tough, especially during the summer holidays. Here, we have some suggestions you can try. Remember, though; giving your boys something to do every time they tell you they are bored can actually be more damaging than […]

Rough And Tumble Games To Play With Your Boy This Summer

Image When you raise a boy, it’s likely that at some point or another he will start playing rough and tumble games with his friends. At first, rough and tumble games look dangerous and you might be tempted to stop him from playing completely, but actually, such games can be great for your child’s development […]

Fishing: The Ultimate Combination Of Bonding And Education

Finding ways to bond with your son and to grow those family connections is essential for maintaining good communication all throughout their life. Fishing is something of a family trope, but it does have significant value in growing those bonds. What’s more, it can be an educational experience that helps your son develop all kinds […]

Parenting Teen Boys Is…

…Finding deodorant in your freezer, and finding out that there’s a perfectly logical explanation. (“It was melting from being in my car, so I had to firm it up.”) ….Couch cushions on the floor two rooms away from their home couch, because….? … Finding hot chocolate mix & ice cream toppings on your counter at […]

Seaside Sports To Play With Your Son

Image Source A trip to the seaside can be a great adventure for all the family. However, don’t expect to lounge back and read a book in peace – your kids will want to stay active. When it comes to boys, there are plenty of ways to keep them happy by the sea. One way […]

Unique Ways for Your Children to Get Around

The standard bicycle is perhaps the most common gift we give to our children. We either buy them something that helps them get around to visit their friends, or we buy them video games that they’ve been begging us to get for the past few weeks. Regardless of what you want to get your children, […]

Parents Vs The Games Console

Whenever school vacation comes around again, parents often have one big concern: how to stop the games console from consuming their child’s mind. While it’s true that most games and mobile apps have some educational aspects, you still can’t deny the value of getting the kids out of the house for some fresh air and physical […]

Tips for Getting Your Son to Read this Summer

You likely know how important reading during the summer is to help students from experiencing the documented “summer slide.” But, actually getting your kids – especially boys – to read can be a challenge. As the mom of two boys, ages 9 and 11, whose interests and temperaments are very different, I’ve discovered a formula […]