Rescuing Boys Adrift: A Conversation with Dr. Leonard Sax

Where are the boys? Sadly, they are disappearing from the nation’s colleges and universities. A smaller and smaller proportion of boys are going to college. Currently, the student body at most universities in the United States is 58% female and just 42% male. Male students attending four-year colleges and universities today are now significantly less […]

Helping Boys Learn

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Happy Teachers Day! Have you thanked a teacher yet? Schools often get a bad rap, particularly where boys are concerned. In many places, school has become a sit-down-and-shut-up kind of place, a place where recess and gym are being phased out in favor of more…worksheets. Is it any wonder that so many boys are doing […]


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I am concerned about grade level expectations which are enforced without any true understanding of when children are actually ready to acquire the skills being covered… When I asked parents of boys to tell me about their learning concerns, Andrea answered. So let’s talk about grade level expectations. According to the Louisiana Department of Education, “A […]

Setting Boundaries

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Joyce Grant, of Getting Kids Reading, had a great post  about why boys don’t like school. She also wrote about boundaries. I love point # 7: Boys understand boundaries. Instead of saying, “no throwing snowballs,” make some boundaries. “Snowball throwing within this area only.” Boys get “inbounds vs. out-of-bounds.” And they’re good with it. We can’t […]

Smokeless Tobacco: Ick!

A new study out today finds that increasing numbers of teen boys are using smokeless tobacco products, such as snuff and chewing tobacco. According to a report by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, between 2002 and 2007, there was a 30% increase in the number of boys ages 12-17 who admitted […]