Putting Your Boys On The Best Path For Success in Adulthood

Raising a child is more than just about taking care of them in the here and now. It’s preparing them for the future, setting them up to be successful and self sufficient adults, with the skills they will need to navigate life. If you’re wondering what are the most important things to focus on for a brighter future, here’s some advice to bear in mind.

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Take Care of Their Health

The right nutrition will ensure that your child grows properly and is generally healthy and well. But good food habits now will also set them up for a happy and healthy life in the future. In obese men, excess weight tends to be held around the stomach which is particularly dangerous and puts them at higher risk of things like heart attack. It can also be held around the neck causing issues like sleep apnea- again leading to heart issues and high blood pressure. High weight can also affect fertility and sperm count meaning they could struggle having a family of their own. Teach them the importance of healthy food from a young age, show them how to make good decisions with their diet and encourage a love of healthy and fresh home cooked meals.

Invest in Education

Studies consistently show that girls outperform boys in school- interestingly even in countries where women’s rights are severely limited. This is thought to be because girls tend to read more than boys, spend longer on their homework and tend to be less influenced by peer pressure. With this in mind, it tells us exactly what we need to do for our boys to do better in the classroom. Encouraging them to read and love books at an early age will help with reading, language, vocabulary and concentration. Making sure they’re spending enough time on their homework– you could have a time frame each evening that’s designated to school work to make sure they’re not falling short. Finally, children are more likely to give into peer pressure when they’re insecure. Building up their confidence and letting them know they can speak to you about anything will prevent this from happening. These things combined can lead to better performance in school, good news since education is what lays your child’s foundation for the future. Seek college help when it comes to searching for the best schools; getting into an Ivy League college is one path to a successful future.

Teach Them Respect

Respect is important for everyone; it shows that we value others and is an important part of communication and relationships. Moms know there’s far too much gender bias in the world, and plenty of men who don’t respect women. We want to raise our boys to be different to this, not only respecting women but people in general. Respect isn’t a trait we were born with and has to be learned, so it’s up to you as a parent to do this. You will need to nip any disrespectful behaviour in the bud, explain to your child what they have done wrong and how they should behave in future. Don’t turn a blind eye to disrespectful behaviour, and make sure you and your partner are on the same page with discipline and what’s acceptable.

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