Engaging Yet Educational Extracurricular Activities For Boys

Extracurricular activities for boys help them develop their brains, bodies, and essential life skills.  Most boys default to a couple easy after school activities. Most want to play outside with their friends or play their online video games — two perfectly acceptable options! When they start saying “I’m bored,” though, try introducing a new activity […]

5 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside More

When we parents were younger, we were always playing outside with our friends. Now, that’s all changed. Due to a blend of technology and increased wariness about the state of the world, children are spending more times indoors than ever before. While it’s nice to know where they are, it’s also just true that people […]

Keeping Bored Boys Occupied During The Summer Holidays

If you’ve got young boys, you’re probably familiar with the phrase ‘I’m bored.’ Keeping bored boys occupied can be tough, especially during the summer holidays. Here, we have some suggestions you can try. Remember, though; giving your boys something to do every time they tell you they are bored can actually be more damaging than […]

Rough And Tumble Games To Play With Your Boy This Summer

Image When you raise a boy, it’s likely that at some point or another he will start playing rough and tumble games with his friends. At first, rough and tumble games look dangerous and you might be tempted to stop him from playing completely, but actually, such games can be great for your child’s development […]

Activities You And Your Son Will Love Doing Together

It’s not easy to find an activity you AND your son can enjoy. Bringing junior along to any kind of activity you’ve always enjoyed alone could end with him feeling bored — and you feeling disappointed. Spending some time doing something he enjoys might make you feel like you’re completely out of place, and that […]

Weapons Play Is OK

My boys’ fascination with weapons has all but passed. At the ages of 19, 16, 14 and 11, they’re not much interested in guns (real or pretend – save for the occasional Nerf battle), and the lightsabers that once saw so much action are collecting dust in the toy bin. But a few years ago, […]

Exciting Alternatives to a New Bike for Your Child

A bike is the most common vehicle that your child will ride when they’re still young. It’s fun, it’s good exercise and it helps them get around when playing with friends or going to the store. It’s a universal vehicle with a lot of uses and the skills they learn can be transferred to larger […]

Let The Boys Move

Did you know that boys are wired to move? Their brains, in fact, enter a rest stage when they’re not moving, which is one reason why so  many boys (and men) have such a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. Unfortunately, in all together too  many classrooms, boys are still expected to sit […]

Savage Park

There is a park in Japan where kids can build fires, play with tools and create their own play structures of scraps of wood and imagination. Meanwhile, I fight for my child’s right to go outside when it’s wet or raining outside, to be allowed to toss and catch a football at recess time. I’m […]

In Defense of Boys & Guns

This is a PopTart. It’s a pretty non-threatening almost-food that is commonly eaten by young children and adults who hope to recapture a moment of youth. Photo by Jennifer L. W. Fink This is a boy. (One of mine, actually.) Adding a boy such as this to a Poptart does not turn the Poptart into […]