7 Ways Cartoons Inspire Your Boys To Achieve

Inspiration, by its very definition,  is the feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something. This can relate to a whole number of activities. People can feel inspired to exercise, to research the history of an invention, or to make a nice gesture for another individual. Individuals need to feel inspired in order to put […]

The Essential Guide To Tearing Your Kids Away From Tech

Technology is not necessarily a bad thing and it’s not the demon it is often made out to be. It can be empowering, impart knowledge, and enable your boys to learn new skills, preparing them for the future technologically advanced world. However, when we see our sons sat in front of a TV, playing on […]

Teens & Memes: What I Learned

Tackling the subject of teens and memes is a bit…fraught. Last week, the New York Times published my article, The Role of Memes in Teen Culture. The article is aimed at parents (and grandparents and teachers), and it’s intended purpose is to help adults understand why and how teens use memes. It grew out of […]

Why I’m Not Worried About Screen Time

Google “how screen time affects kids” and you’ll be inundated with nearly 39,000,000 articles with titles such as “How to Limit Screen Time” and “What Screen Time Can Really Do to Kids’ Brains.” You’ll see teaser phrases that tell you “Screen time isn’t great for anyone’s brain. It may be a particular concern for kids‘.” Everywhere you […]

Fortnite is Not a Waste of Time

Has it truly been only a few months since Fortnite, the massively popular battle royale video game, entered our lives and living rooms? In that time, the game has become a cultural phenomenon — it is, in fact, the most popular free-to-play console video game in history – and a massive scourge on society in […]

How Will Your Boys Use Technology In Future?

The Millennial generation was the first to grow up surrounded by technology from a young age. Most Millennials were teenagers when computers, laptops and the Internet grew in popularity and found a place in most western households. As a result,  Millennial workers have brought their tech-savviness to the workplace and created a new remote-friendly and […]

Teaching Your Son The Right Balance Between Video Games & Being Active

As parents, we want to ensure that our boys strike the right balance in their life. It’s not at all unusual for boys to go through a stage where they’re consumed by video games — and not at all unusual for parents to panic about their sons’ obsession! For most boys, this stage is self-limiting, […]

Parents Vs The Games Console

Whenever school vacation comes around again, parents often have one big concern: how to stop the games console from consuming their child’s mind. While it’s true that most games and mobile apps have some educational aspects, you still can’t deny the value of getting the kids out of the house for some fresh air and physical […]

How to Help Your Child Pick the Right IT Career

Information technology, or IT for short, is a massive subject that encompasses a lot of different fields. There are many different specialisations to pick from. What your child will enjoy solely depends on their interests now, and it’s important that you don’t funnel them down a specific route in IT if they don’t enjoy it. […]

5 Startling, Important Facts About Video Games & Violence

If you’re worried about video games and violence, you’re not alone. The two have been linked since gaming’s earliest days, and that link has only grown stronger in the public perception after Columbine and the release of ultra-realistic, violent games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Whether or not to allow your kids […]