The Benefits Of Fishing When Parenting Your Boys

The benefits of fishing are many! If you’re looking for a hobby that will get your son off the couch and offline, why not consider fishing? It’s an age-old sport that has stood the test of time, and is worth considering, especially for those boys averse to team sports. This outdoor sport can benefit your […]

The Return of Youth Sports

I bought coffee from a concession stand this weekend. And drank it while sitting in the bleachers. It was my first coffee-in-the-bleachers in more than a year-and-a-half. The pandemic sucked (still sucks!), but here I am, writing about concession stand coffee, because after more than a year of lock downs and social distancing, once-common “annoyances” […]

Effective Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries In Adolescents

Over 30 million adolescents play sports in the U.S. alone. Sports are a great way for them to get out and exercise. However, many often injure themselves when playing. While an injury might not look too severe, it could be damaging to their growing body. This article will explore a handful of effective ways you […]

Alternative Sports You & Your Boy Will Love To Do Together

For the most part, young boys love sports. They love contact sports, non-contact sports, group sports, solo sports – if there is a sport to be involved with, a little boy will dive right in. And why not? They’re great for building fitness, promoting teamwork and building self-esteem. Getting involved in sports can also help […]

3 Essentials for Nurturing Your Boys’ Passion for Sports

As a parent to boys, you will have to deal with changing tastes and interests, but one thing is likely: sports will play a role at some point. So many boys have a passion for all different kinds of sports, and this passion could develop into something much greater. As a parent, you have to […]

How To Support Your Boys In Sports

Being a parent of boys is (almost always) a lot of fun. Sports can be a great way to channel boys’ energy — and a great way to bond and build social skills and confidence.  Whether you trial your boys out with different sports from a young age, or you let them find their way […]

Getting Your Children Into Exercise: The Right Approach

It is the age of technology. The overwhelming amount of new tech coming out at a rapid pace is apparent in every aspect of life, and the newer generations are getting more and more accustomed to it at a young age. Children today are exposed to iPads and other tablets before they can talk, and […]

5 Ways To Fuel Your Boys For Sport When your kids are quite active, you have to make sure that you’re able to keep on top of their health levels. Between running around at school, sports practices, and then running around at home, it won’t be long before they get tired out. And while that’s definitely what you want come bedtime, you […]

Alternative Sports For Boys Who Aren’t That Interested

The stereotype that all boys love sports is a pretty strange one. After all, what is it about someone’s gender that suddenly means that they have to have this one particular interest above all others? However, there is a degree to which boys who aren’t that into sports are missing out a little bit. The […]

Seaside Sports To Play With Your Son

Image Source A trip to the seaside can be a great adventure for all the family. However, don’t expect to lounge back and read a book in peace – your kids will want to stay active. When it comes to boys, there are plenty of ways to keep them happy by the sea. One way […]