Why Boys NEED Recess and How to Become a Recess Advocate

It seems like it should be obvious: kids — especially young ones — need opportunities to move around throughout the day. I mean, have you ever watched a group of young kids? They’re like puppies. They scamper all over one another, playing and posturing. More often that not, you’ll find them in physical contact with […]

Let’s Start Listening to Boys

Two years ago, my boys started a petition, asking for outdoor recess. We live in Wisconsin, where outdoor recess is cancelled in the event of inclement weather, including low temps. And at the time my boys started that petition, outdoor recess had been canceled again, restricting students’ access to the outdoors and active play, because kids […]

Kids as Advocates for Play

Building Boys Featured Image

All month, I’ve been talking about the importance of play. And all month, my focus has been on what adults can do to protect and rescue kids’ right to play. Well, yesterday my very own children reminded me not to underestimate the power of children. My 11- and 8-yr-olds came home fired up. Outside recess […]