How To Encourage Reluctant Boy Readers

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Got a reluctant reader?  You’re not alone. Many boys are reluctant readers. Forcing boys to read — or fighting with them about their reading habits — can backfire. Try these strategies to help your son appreciate the wonderful world of reading (and all the benefits that some with it.) Image via Unsplash Look for novels […]

Improving Your Son’s Literacy Skills, Step By Step

Literacy skills are inextricably linked to success in the modern world. Pexels – CC0 License But boy’s literacy rates in schools are falling in comparison to the literacy rates of girls. The fact that girls’ literacy skills are climbing is FANTASTIC! What’s not fantastic is the fact that boys aren’t keeping up. Globally, boys are […]

Bookworm: Encouraging Your Son To Embrace Reading

(Image Source) Can you turn a boy into a bookworm?  Yes – and no. Some boys are natural readers. Others need a bit (OK, a lot!) more encouragement and persuasion. Reading may never be your son’s preferred activity, but there’s a lot you can do to reduce his reluctance to read and help him find […]

The Gender Reading Gap: Why Boys Underperform In Reading & What Can You Do About It

The gender reading gap is real. Studies show that girls outperform boys in reading and literacy skills in almost all countries and it’s far more likely for boys to leave school unable to read. If you have boys, it’s important that you give them extra support. Having poor reading skills will negatively impact their life […]

5 Ways To Boost Your Son’s Literacy Skills

For several years there’s been much study into boys vs. girls’ literacy enjoyment and success. According to a survey in Psychology Today, 52% of boys (compared with 72% of girls) said that they enjoyed reading books in the summer holidays. The study also reported that just 27% of boys said they liked to read books […]

10 Ways To Get Your Kids Prepared For School

Image Source Is your son ready to begin school?  For a child that isn’t mature enough, school can be a huge shock to the system. It requires discipline, concentration, an ability to socialise and a certain level of independence. There are lots of steps that you can take as a parent to get your child […]

Why Your Son’s Learning Style Matters

Do you remember the information you were taught in primary school? Of course, we all have a basic memory of what we learned – seeing as we can, for the most part, read, write and count. But do you remember the actual lessons that you were taught? There’s a very good chance that a big […]

Three Career Choices For Boys Who Love To Read And Write

Even the most open-minded among us would agree that there are certain stereotypes about boys and girls in education. The masses generally seem to believe that girls are more creative and excel more at English and Art. Boys are typically seen to show their strengths in topics such as science, math and woodwork. While this […]

Social-Emotional Strategies for School Success

Social-emotional competency is key to school success, but doesn’t come naturally to a lot of boys. In my book, The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook to Navigating Success, I detail eight strategies students can use to handle stressors and prevent bullying — as well as dozens more tips students can use to increase school […]

Why Treating Boys Like Girls Won’t Close the Gender Gap in Education

The headline — Boys should be treated “more like girls” to stop them falling behind at school — was enough to make me scream. The thinking behind it moved me to action and inspired me to write this post. If you’ve followed BuildingBoys for awhile, you know that I’ve long been concerned about boys’ lackluster achievement in […]