Boy-Friendly Schools

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Is your son’s school boy-friendly?

Is it place where his enthusiasm for learning is encouraged, even if his preferred style of learning is hands-on? Or does his school insist that students sit quietly while filling out worksheets? Does his school take away recess as a punishment, or do the teachers and administrators of his school understand that recess is necessary for active children?

Veteran educator and author Kelley King outlines the principles of boy-friendly education in her book Creating the Playbook: A Practitioner’s Guide to Creating a Boy-Friendly School. King recently visited BuildingBoys to help parents better understand the concept of a boy-friendly school — and to show them how they can work to make their son’s school a more boy-friendly place.

Note: The audio isn’t great in this video, but the content is phenomenonal. We’ve added some notes to help you understand the words, and hope you’ll hang in there for the whole thing. We’ll get better at recording videos. We promise!


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