Before the Boys

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Before my boys…

  • I’d never watched an entire Star Wars movie
  • I couldn’t pronounce the names of most dinosaurs, much less identify them
  • I’d never wielded a power tool
  • I had no idea that the 1927 Yankees were the best baseball team ever
  • I’d never participated in a lightsaber duel
  • I didn’t know what a blog was
  • I’d never read a book about Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig or Mickey Mantle
  • I never fully realized how dirty white socks can get
  • I’d never seen a case of poison ivy, first-hand
  • I knew nothing about the brain-based differences between males and females
  • I didn’t own any legos
  • I’d never published a single article
  • I didn’t know that “buddy” was slang for “cup
  • I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the woods

How ’bout you? Help me add to my list!

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