Activities You And Your Son Will Love Doing Together

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It’s not easy to find an activity you AND your son can enjoy. Bringing junior along to any kind of activity you’ve always enjoyed alone could end with him feeling bored — and you feeling disappointed. Spending some time doing something he enjoys might make you feel like you’re completely out of place, and that you’ll only bring him down by being around. Finding a “just right” activity — one that’s fun for both of you — can be a challenge, but it’s not an impossible one!

Now’s the time to think about what you could start doing on weekends together. When school is out and you don’t have to work, when you’re both meant to be enjoying your downtime, what could you  do together to make sure you’re both having as much fun as possible? 

Many boys  like sports; if so, spending a Saturday playing baseball or kicking a soccer ball around the park is a great idea. Days at beach are a nice idea too; there’s plenty of creatures to find and sand to go running around on!


But what else would you both love investing your time in? People don’t always have the energy to get a home run every single time, and sometimes it really would be nice to just sit at home on the sofa and relax for a bit. So let’s look into some of the best varied activities for you and your son to get involved with, and hopefully together for the most amount of fun!

Teach Him How to Fish

Fishing is the age old tradition of bonding with your son, and you shouldn’t underestimate the power it has in this department. When you’re out on the lake with each other, with the tent behind you and your bait in the cooler, it’s a great chance to sit down and have a chat with each other, one where you can be as open as you want. You’re away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, which is probably what’s keeping the two of you from interacting in the ways that you want, so take the chance now to fix that.

Fishing is also a great way to teach your boy some life skills, such as being patient and waiting/working for rewards, and how to catch something tasty for dinner all on their own. It’s something fathers have been teaching their sons for centuries, and it’ll be a nice touch if you do the same.

Try Golfing Together

Golfing is something that a lot of people enjoy, at any age, so it’ll be a good activity for the two of you to try together one weekend. Your kids are people with bundles of energy on their side, and teaching them how to swing a golf club properly will be a great way to channel some of that; they’ll have the perfect force and technique down in no time, and you might even be able to take on some casual championships together because of it! When there’s a possible reward involved, all kids are interested in taking part.

If you’ve never gone golfing before, now would be a good time for you to look into getting set up and kitted out properly. If you’re actually going onto big courses with your little one, and not just hanging out at the driving range together, it’d be a good idea to contact the owners and tell them you’re bringing someone young with you. That means everyone is aware of your child’s presence, making the place a lot safer to walk around and have fun on without getting in another player’s way. And there’s golf cart websites you can visit to get around the course in style, seeing as your son probably won’t be up for carting the golf club bag around the entire time you’re there!

Go on a Road Trip Together

Sure, you both have to be back to responsibilities by Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go exploring for the couple days you have at your disposal. So if you’re both the kind of people who can never sit still, getting into the car and heading over to the next town or city would be a great suggestion.

Road trips are fun because of the novelty involved, and how much you get to do and see. You can stop whenever you want to catch some great photos, buy some tasty food, or even just to sit and have a chat in the great outdoors. Wherever it is you decide to road trip, you’re going to find a whole treasure trove of experiences you and your son can bond over.

Kids love to make mess as they experience the world, so this would be a great chance for you to save your house from becoming a huge tip during the summer vacation or after Christmas when the excitement has died down a little. Don’t underestimate the power of your car; it’s going to make sure you and your boy have a lot of time together, looking out for each other, and having such a unique experience no one else is ever going to have!

Ready to Start Having Fun?

If not, get your skates on and ask your little boy how they feel about their relationship with you. They might want to do more together, they might think everything’s perfectly OK, but this is your chance to show them how awesome you are!

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