Alternative Sports You & Your Boy Will Love To Do Together

For the most part, young boys love sports. They love contact sports, non-contact sports, group sports, solo sports – if there is a sport to be involved with, a little boy will dive right in. And why not? They’re great for building fitness, promoting teamwork and building self-esteem. Getting involved in sports can also help your son’s coordination skills improve. The thing is, there are kids out there that just aren’t naturally athletic – and this is okay. Plenty of boys are interested in different sports but have no natural inclination for them. The good news is that you can do so much with your son to keep him active regardless.

Some children aren’t a fan of team sports but love the idea of spending time with their parents out and being active and busy — which is exactly what you want as a parent! Not every child wants to huddle up and play football, even with the promise of their own sportswear. When you want to ease your son into sports that you can do together, you need to think about sports where you can take your time and learn together. If you’re just as much of a beginner as he is, he will be able to fall in love with an activity you can both do. So, which sports are perfect for the parent and child who want to discover something new together?

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  1. Skateboarding. It’s an excellent choice for the child who wants to be active but isn’t too interested in ‘team’ sports. Skateboarding helps to improve body balance and increase core engagement. It can also help you and him to be more flexible and ultimately, you’ll have fun doing it. Safety first: you’ll need helmets, knee and elbow pads all around.
  2. Golf. It’s a sport for everyone, but fathers and sons on the green? Beautiful. Invest in some of the best lightweight golf cart bags and some personalised golf clubs, and you can both learn the rules of golf. It’s a great sport to play when you just want to chill out and be together.
  3. Rock-Climbing. When you want to get fit, have fun and burn a lot of energy, rock climbing should be in your list of top choices. You exercise both the mind and the body when you climb, and the confidence that you can build within your son is going to blow you away. Gain strength, flexibility and coordination – even the least athletic person can manage this. Book beginners’ classes to start and go from there.
  4. Karate. Despite the rumours, karate doesn’t promote violence. It helps your son to focus his energy and his mind while learning how to move the body in a way that teaches self-discipline and communication. Karate teaches you to slow down and think before you move, which can help you and your son to learn to focus your minds.

Team sports aren’t always the be-all and end-all for some kids, but the best thing is that there are still options out there.

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Tell me: what physical activities do you & your son like to do together?

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