5 Ways To Boost Your Son’s Literacy Skills

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For several years there’s been much study into boys vs. girls’ literacy enjoyment and success. According to a survey in Psychology Today, 52% of boys (compared with 72% of girls) said that they enjoyed reading books in the summer holidays. The study also reported that just 27% of boys said they liked to read books for fun 5 days per week. Many believe that we still have some work to do in order to encourage a love of literacy in young boys.

Perhaps your boys are already keen readers? Maybe instead, they prefer visual literacy games? Either way, there are some pretty simple ways that you can seek to improve your son’s literacy skills:

1 . Private tutoring

To give your son’s literacy skills a boost, a private tutor can be an excellent investment. Often, those who don’t enjoy literacy can tend to fall behind in a larger classroom setting. With one-to-one support, you can rest assured that your child is getting the extra attention and expertise that they need. My Tutor Lab is an excellent tutoring service app where you can book a tutor online and have their services within minutes! They offer some great tutors, and it’s convenient to be able to fit the app around your lifestyle.

2. Act it out

Many children prefer a more action-packed style of learning. If that sounds like your son, why not try acting out a few books? Choose their favorite adventure story, plan a new script, or go freestyle. You’ll likely find that your child will retain the story better when acting it out, as opposed to just reading it. Feel free to also get their friends involved when they come over for a playdate!

3. Try audiobooks

Children’s audiobooks are a convenient way to get kids excited about literacy. Ask your son to choose a few, so you know they’ll be audiobooks that he is going to enjoy. Most popular children’s books come in audiobook form, so it shouldn’t be too challenging to find some that he likes. Of course, an audiobook isn’t a substitute for reading, but it’s a fun way to engage your child’s interest. (They are also helpful for those long car journeys)!

4. Family creative writing club

Create your own family creative writing club at home. Buy yourself lots of new stationery, and make yourself a cozy writing corner. Tell your son that you’re going to work together to write some stories. It can be helpful to incorporate drawing to get a visual aspect of characters or themes. Talk about the club as an exciting game, to get your son enthusiastic about the process.

5. Spelling apps

Those children who struggle with spelling should give an app or two a try. Kids generally love apps, and if it’s educational- you and your child will both be winners! One example is ‘Spelling Stage,’ which involves a fun game similar to a spelling bee. Another is Spellwick, in which you’ll journey through a magical land of wizards while learning how to spell! Keep a note of your child’s progress on the apps, and be sure to test them every so often on those tricky words. To reinforce your son’s education, consistency is of prime importance.

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