Why Do Boys…

…Love to Fight?

Most boys don’t love to fight, but the ones that do, do it to show their strength.

-Max, age 10

Boys like to fight because it separates the kids from the boys. It is also about that rush of adrenalin you get when you fight.

– Logan, age 11

…Talk Less Than Girls?

They don’t – especially at school.

– Max, age 10

Boys talk less because we are more predictable and we can anticipate each other’s thoughts and actions.

– Logan, age 11

…Enjoy Crude Humor?

Because it embarrasses someone.

– Max, age 10

‘Cause it is just really funny!

– Logan, age 11

…Take Risks?

Because they don’t know if they can do something. They take risks to see if they can do it.

– Max, age 10

When you take a risk, you can get a great reward.

– Logan, age 11


They just have bad BO (body odor).

– Max, age 10

It is a self-defense mechanism. I have the ultimate power of the stink foot—it is a great weapon and a great defense.

– Logan, age 11

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