Six Things Every Father Should Teach His Son About Cars

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Everyone knows that boys love their toys, but if there’s one thing that most fathers and sons have in common, it’s a fascination with cars. You may have already noticed that your son is interested in cars and all things with wheels from the time you bought him his first Matchbox car. For some boys, that interest never really wanes. It’s a good learning curve for a boy to learn how to use his hands and learn to fix things, and once you pique that interest in him, you can be assured that one day, he will know how to change his own tire when he’s stuck roadside!

There are certain things that all fathers should teach their sons when it comes to cars, from petrol engines to diesel engines, about gas and coolant such as what you can find at Below, you’ll find six of the most important things that you should teach your son about cars.

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Haggling. The day will soon come that your son will want his first car, and as his father, you’ve got to teach him about searching for and buying it. You should also teach him how to haggle for his first vehicle and you’ve got to teach him everything you know about finding the right salesman to get that good deal from.

Under The Hood. Your son should be able to pop the hood of his car, look at his diesel engine and know what he is seeing. Spark plug, transmission, Serpentine belt, camshafts – make sure your son knows what each part does, and how to perform necessary car maintenance. You can start this teaching at a very young age, especially if you have a son who loves watching you tinker. (Pro tip: Letting him “help” and handle the tools will drastically increase his interest!)

Map Reading. We now have sat nav capabilities in our cars, along with automated maps. However, you should always encourage your son to keep an atlas in his car and teach him how to navigate. Gifting him an engraved compass one day isn’t a bad idea either.

Change A Tire. The most basic of all car fixes, you should pass on the knowledge of how to change a tire. If you teach your son how to swap a wheel, he’ll be back on the road after a flat in no time at all.

Parallel Parking. Many driving schools have eliminated parallel parking from their lessons and this is not okay! As a dad, you need to teach your son the proper way to park and feel confident about it, so take the time to teach him.

Car Finances. There are tons of options on the car market for paying for a car. Eve if you decide to gift your son his first car, you still need to teach him how to buy and finance one.

Lastly, you need to teach your son to respect the mechanics of his car and to respect the road. Don’t let your him turn into a racer – unless he’s on the track, of course!

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