Vacation Ideas That Will Appeal To Teens

Traveling as a family can be a really fun and rewarding experience as you get to spend uninterrupted time together. And with the busy lives we all normally lead, a trip gives you a chance to  relax, do some fun activities, and spend some quality time together. But the truth is that you want to plan a trip that everyone in the family will enjoy. And if you have teens, planning something that will lead to them putting their phones down and joining in. So what are the best vacation ideas for families with teens? Here are a few suggestions:



Going on a cruise can be a great idea for families for a whole number of reasons. For starters, there is plenty onboard that is aimed at teenagers, from the swimming pools, water slides, to bowling alleys and laser tag rooms. There is also plenty of food on the ships, and you get to travel and see different parts of the world too, depending where the cruise goes.

Fishing Trip

Fishing can be a good way to spend a vacation, as it can be made personal to your family. For example, you could stay fairly close to home and just spend the days fishing. Or you could go abroad to places like Mexico or Costa Rica to go on planned fishing boat trips and even try your hand at things like scuba diving and spearfishing. Just make sure that you plan ahead and get the gear that you need like spearfishing wetsuits and diving masks. Fishing is a good way to get back to nature and to enjoy time together.

Water Sports Vacation

If there is a beach involved, then the chances are that it will make a good destination for a family vacation. But look out for places that will offer more than just a lounger to relax on. While that can be part of the fun, being able to jet ski, paddleboard, or surf is a way to make the vacation even better for your teenagers. You could go to places like Australia and Asia for good watersports, or stay closer to home and visit places like Lake Powell or Lake Tahoe.

Educational Experience

If you prefer to have a vacation that is a little less action packed, then planning a trip that can be more educational can be a good idea. It could be trips to Washington DC to explore and learn about some American history, or perhaps going further afield to Europe. A country like Italy has so much history to learn about and experience — Rome’s Colosseum is a must-see! As a visitor, it might be hard to carry hefty baggage throughout the site. Colosseum Luggage storage facilities help. 

Outdoor Adventure

If you and your teens want to get back to nature a little, an outdoor adventure is a great idea. It could be hiking, biking, or going on walks around somewhere like the Grand Canyon (and it could be a good excuse to have a camping adventure too).

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What are your favorite teen-friendly vacations?

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