Helping Boys Succeed in School

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Photo by woodlywonderworks via Flickr
Photo by woodlywonderworks via Flickr

A lot of boys don’t like school. And a lot of boys don’t do well in school. Yet virtually every single boy who’s flunking out of school, not doing his homework, just getting by or wailing “I hate school!” was once a curious little toddler. What gives?

That’s a question I’ve pondered many, many times in my personal and professional life. That question, in fact, is part of why I founded this site: I want to help parents, educators and concerned citizens build healthy boys and men, and I strongly believe that holding onto and harnessing boys’ curiosity and creativity is an essential part of that.

Want some more direct answers to the “why boys don’t do well in school” question? Check out these articles. Some are written for parents and some are written for teachers, but I think you’ll find some helpful nuggets in all of them. (And if anything particularly resonates with you, please come back here and let me know. I’d love to hear what’s helpful to you, and how you plan to help the boys in your life.)

Why Boys Fail — And What You Can Do About It

Help Your Son Succeed in School

5 Reasons Boys Hate School — And What You Can Do About It

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