Tips on Dealing with Anger — from a 7-yr-old Boy

If you have kids, you’ve gotten angry. Felt frustrated. And quite probably yelled at your kids. (More than once.)

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If you’re an enlightened parent, the kind who is always striving to do better, who is working hard to raise kids who are kind and compassionate, you’re probably felt guilty about yelling. Probably vowed not to do it so much in the future. With mixed success. Because what, after all, do you do with all of that anger and frustration?

Listen to Alissa Marquess’ 7-year-old son. The insights he shares in “How to Get Ride of Your Anger” are startling in their simplicity and honesty.

Seriously — click over and read her post. It’s quite possibly the most fantastic and important parenting advice I’ve ever read on the ‘Net.

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