Rough And Tumble Games To Play With Your Boy This Summer


When you raise a boy, it’s likely that at some point or another he will start playing rough and tumble games with his friends. At first, rough and tumble games look dangerous and you might be tempted to stop him from playing completely, but actually, such games can be great for your child’s development and resilience. There are even games that you can play together. Here are some examples:

Cat and mouse

This game is a great one to play in the garden or when you are out in the local park. Cat and mouse involve one of you as the cat and the other as the mouse. You have to try and catch the mouse, or the mouse has to be able to escape. You can play the game crouching down or running regularly depending on the space you’ve got to move, and it can be a game you play for hours.

Pull and push

As the parent, you can lie down face down on the floor and stretch out all of your limbs. The object of this game is that you are going to try and stand up while your child or children hold you down. Of course, you can reverse the roles too, however, this might be the time where you need to let them win a little bit!

The duvet sledge

If you have a set of stairs in your home which is straight, this can be a really fun game for you to play with your child. Start at the top of the stairs and wrap up your child in a duvet, making sure that they are safe and snuggled up inside. You can then pull the duvet slowly down the stairs and let your child enjoy what will feel like a roller coaster ride. It is a game which sounds more brutal than it is and can honestly keep you entertained for hours and hours.

Roller skate pull

Do you have a pet dog in your family? As long as your dog isn’t too strong, you can let your child put on their roller skates, head over to your local park for a walk and then give them the lead. Your dog will gently pull them through the park on the lead and this can be an incredibly fun game for your boy. Just remember to take the leash back if your dog sees a squirrel!

Swing and throw

If you have a sizeable bed in your home or you have a swimming pool in your garden this can be the ideal game to play with your child on a sunny day. All you need to do is take his legs while your partner takes his arms and swing! He will end up either on your bed or in the pool laughing as he wipes the water out of his face. it’s a classic game and one that never gets old. Try it this afternoon!

Hop on Pop

This is a great game to play in the garden on the lawn and one which is a classic game you see everywhere. You as the parent lie on the floor with your arms up and knees up, parallel to your body. Your child will then climb on top of you, belly first and you will both try to balance like this for as long as you can before falling over.

Monkey hang

Hold out your arm and let your child hang their legs over it, and then hang upside down. The aim of this game is for your child to try and crunch their body up so that they are upright. It can be a fun game to play which will also get them a little fit too. What could be better?

The floor is lava

A classic! This game works as long as you have lots of chairs and other furniture in your house which your child can climb over. Pretend that the floor is lava and your child has to get from one part of the house to the other without touching the floor once.

Ride ’em, cowboy

The classic to end all classic games. You as the parent get on the floor, let him tie his boys ties around your neck gently. He can then use this to guide you where he wants you to go around the house and you can buck them off your body when you are finished! It is an all-time classic game and one which you can always have fun doing wherever you are.

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