Orienting Your Boy’s Priorities During The Teenage Years



Boys can be distracted quite easily, due to their exploratory mindset and drive to find the next adventure. This tendency is excellent in their youth, but  must be tempered by a sense of orientation. Helping them plan their priorities as they come of age to understand them can help tremendously with their development.

Think of all the distractions that your son might experience: video games, social media, the developing hormones of puberty, and social struggles. There are methods to help them deal with distraction and overwhelm, and help point them towards the compass direction of their highest good. Here are some techniques and strategies you can use to keep your teen boys on track: 


Stimulating your child with hobbies — healthy ones — can help them learn many skills. Boys thrive from adventure, and so placing them in scouts or another youth organization can work well. Anything with a schedule and incremental progress can help them tremendously. One of the most important things to build in boys is confidence. A boy without confidence never feels excited to leave their comfort zone. With a hobby, not only will they be exposed to new disciplines and skills, but also new people who may impart solid wisdom in your child.

For example, bringing your child to a martial arts class can help him not only with discipline there, but introduce him to people his age and older, people who are looking to improve themselves. A sensei will also be there to guide them in their own way, even if that’s to train them to never give up and help them unlock their inner sense of determination. This is like feeding a plant with water filled with nutrients for the mind of your child.


Helping a teenage boy plan for their future can give them something to aim at. They needn’t have all of their plans cleared right now, or understand exactly how they want to spend their life. However, leaving options open and helping them research them can at least suggest avenues of courses to take at school, and extra projects outside of school hours. This might even be an excellent method of preparing for a form of college or higher training course, as they can begin preparing themselves for that well ahead of time – allowing for a seamless change when that time comes. It can even help you start saving for their future to support them, alongside a lendkey student loan that might help them finance their education at a fantastic institution.

A Job

It can be tremendously useful for your child to keep a job. No matter what the job is, it can show them the value of money, the value of hard work, and build their ability to wake up with a purpose every day. It also gives them the strong attitude of learning, trying, and keeping their own affairs organized. Start off small, even if it’s a paper route, or paying them to complete relatively big chores around the home (such as cleaning from top to bottom or washing the car extremely well.) Jobs not only build self-discipline, but help boys them feel proud of their achievements.

These three things can help any boy bloom and help them begin thinking about who they are and who they’d like to be. As a parent, that’s an excellent thing to pass down.

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