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Am I the only boy-mom who doesn’t swoon at the sight of little girls clothes?

I know quite a few moms of boys who wish they’d had a daughter — not because they yearn for the mother-daughter bond but because they dreamed of dressing a little girl in cute frilly dresses. Like this mom.

When I walk through a mall, though, and see the clothing options available to today’s young girls, I’m GLAD I have sons! My sons can get away with a Tshirt and jeans for almost every occasion, and I never, ever have to worry about the length of their skirts or clothing that has “Eye Candy” emblazoned across the butt. My boys are so clueless about clothing that I can place hand-me down clothes in their drawer and the boys will wear some of those hand-me downs, oh, 5 times before looking down one day and asking, “Where’d I get this shirt?”

But let’s revisit the girl-clothing-swoooning mama up above. I might not share her fetish for all things pink, but I can definitely relate to her life. I haven’t given my boys my wooden dollhouse, but I can totally picture my boys destroying one in less than 10 minutes. And when she talks about her son, who still calls all women “Mama” but correctly identifies cars, trucks and trains, my heart sings with recognition.

As a women, I will never quite understand my sons’ predisposition toward guns and trucks and farts. As a mom, though, I’m having a great time exploring their world.

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