You Know You Have Boys When… (Shower Edition)

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 …your shower is filled with manly bath products such as:

Summer - Fall 2014 165
One bonus of writing about boys — companies sometimes send me boy-related freebies. My boys snapped this stuff up!


Summer - Fall 2014 166
Axe = ubiquitous in the life and homes of teenage boys

and sweet surprises

Summer - Fall 2014 167
A plastic frog in the shower? Why not? This guy looks down on us from above.

Sometimes, you also find some not-so-pleasant surprises. That splotch, down there in the corner? That’s goop/goo/algae/nastiness from when Boy #2 cleaned out the fish tank this weekend.

Summer - Fall 2014 169
I didn’t see this until AFTER I was in the shower — and I stayed far, far away!

What’s the funniest/nastiest/most surprising thing you’ve found in your shower?

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