Here’s How To Keep Your Boys Safe At Home

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When it comes to safety, we can do much to support the welfare of our children. 

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From teaching them the basics of road safety to promoting safe rough and tumble play, we can ensure they don’t come to any harm when away from us.

There is much we can do at home too, as while we sometimes assume there are more dangers outside of the front door than in, there are risks that our boys could face inside. 

#1: Keep a clean and tidy home

Boys can be very active, as you will know yourself, especially if you have ever caught them hurtling through the house when playing chase games, or when you have heard the thumping on their bedroom floors when you have been relaxing downstairs. While you shouldn’t stop their active play – our boys do need ways to release energy – you can still instill a few house rules to protect them from harm inside. You can also keep a clean and tidy home, as there will be less risk of trip and fall accidents if there is less clutter on the floor, and less risk of a slip if spills have been cleaned up in good time. Of course, you don’t need to do all of the housework yourself. Get your boys involved, as not only will this help them burn off their energy, but it will also show them that housework is not the sole domain of women or their parents!

#2: Talk to your boys about stranger danger

Stranger danger used to be a conversation relating to outdoor play, but with the advent of the internet and online video gaming, it is something that needs to be talked about when your children are inside too. There have been cases where boys have been misled when using internet chat rooms, and online games and social media are both platforms being used by others with malicious intent. So, sit down with your boys and talk about stranger danger online as well as off, and remind them to talk to you if they ever see or hear something that could threaten their personal safety.

#3: Take extra precautions at home

There is much you can do to keep your boys safe at home, from installing security measures to your property to child-proofing every room in your home. You can also set rules for your boys to follow. So, you might tell them not to open the door to strangers, for example, and you might restrict what they watch on the television or what they do when they’re online. You can also make the effort to sit down with your boys on a weekly basis and have open conversations with them about things you or they are worried about. This is especially important in this modern age, as some families spend less time talking to one another because of individual habits where screen time is concerned. By taking these extra precautions to maintain your boys’ safety, you will do much to protect and care for them.

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