Are Boys Discriminated Against in Education?

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936LogoI love talking about boys & education. So when Evan Hanson, a father, writer and marriage and family therapist, invited me to participate in his new podcast series, 936 Weeks to Manhood, I eagerly accepted.

I’m so glad I did. Evan is smart and witty and clearly cares about boys. During our conversation (which is Episode 3 of the 936 Weeks to Manhood podcast), we discussed:

  • When I first realized boys have different needs than girls
  • The educational challenges faced by boys — and moms of boys
  • How disciplinary actions affect boys in school

…and much, much more.

You can listen to and download the episode from the 936 Weeks to Manhood page, or access it via iTunes.

Take a listen, then tell me what you think in the comments below.

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