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Here are some all-time read-aloud or along favorites for boys (and girls!):

Harry Potter series I read this entire series aloud to my boys — and let me tell you, it takes a LONG time to read a book that’s over 600 pages! The good news is that I’m a huge Harry fan myself (yes, I was one of the crazy people who pre-ordered the last book and then stayed up for hours reading it), so reading these to the boys is a treat to myself as well.

Fudge books, by Judy Blume.I was introduced to Fudge Hatcher in the 4th grade; my teacher, Mrs. Simon, made a habit of reading aloud to us. (That may be part of the reason I loved her so much.) Check them out: Superfudge, Double Fudge, and of course, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Junie B. Jones books. I know a lot of parents aren’t crazy about Junie B. They don’t like the way she talks and think she sets a bad example for their children. But I just find Junie B. fun. These books are simply FUN to read aloud, and even though Junie B. is a girl, she’s spunky enough to appeal to most boy readers.

 Magic Tree House books. Jack and Annie, a brother and sister pair, travel to all kinds of different lands and times in these adventurous books. A great way to sneak in a little learning! (Be sure to check out the website for a lot of fun learning activities.)

Here’s another list of some novels boys might like. I read the first one here, and while I liked it a lot, take note that it’s got some mature themes and language; most appropriate for older teen boys.

What are some of your boys’ favorite novels?

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