How to Get Your Son to Love School Subjects (More)

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Do you have a son who is having a negative experience with school? Do they hate school? There’s nothing necessarily wrong with hating school; chances are, at one point in time, you hated it too. Take some time to figure out why your son doesn’t like school. What’s going on? Is it the teacher? (Or […]

Strategies for When Your Teen Son Hates School

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Pexels – CCO Licence What do you do with a teen son who hates school? First: Know you’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges many parents of teen boys face is the school issue. Although many teens can hate school for many reasons, it does seem to be a bit more common with boys, and […]

Helping Your Son to Succeed in School

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  When you bring children into the world, then there are so many different aspects that you have to think about. From the early days and the sleepless nights, to helping them thrive, grow, and learn, the job of a parent never stops. And as your children get older and they are at school, playing […]

In Praise of the Class Clown

Like all good students, I learned that the “class clown” is a bad kid, a kid who doesn’t take school seriously and is definitely not destined for success. Then I had four sons. I began to see the many ways institutional education stifles boys’ natural inclinations toward exploration, and the many ways in which boys […]

Helping Your Child To Think School Is Cool

The goal is not to come out with lines such as “learning is fun”. As a child, learning isn’t always fun. We all remember that. We all might’ve had a few subjects that piqued our interest enough for us to retain attention during lessons, but we all definitely remember those lessons during which it was […]

5 Back-to-School Resolutions

Resolutions and New Year’s go hand in hand, right? So why not make a few resolutions at the beginning of the new school year? These 5 resolutions can take some of the stress out of school (for you and your son!) 1. I will get to know my son’s teacher.  Your son’s teacher will be […]

Can You Change Your Son’s Attitude Toward School?

Every parent deals with the struggle of getting their kids to go to school in the morning. Anyone who says that their child leaps out of bed every morning desperate to get through the school gates and quickly as possible is either incredibly lucky or is lying through their teeth. What child wouldn’t rather stay […]

Why Don’t Students Like School?

Contrary to popular belief, the brain is not designed for thinking. — Daniel Willingham That quote, found halfway down page one of Chapter One in Why Don’t Students Like School?: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom, took my breath away. So simple, so straightforward […]

Why January is the Perfect Time for a Mid-Year School Check-In

How’s school going? For your son? For you? Listen, I understand your reluctance to delve too deeply into those questions. This time of year, I’m exhausted. My emotional, physical and bank accounts are depleted from the holidays — and somehow I still need to find the strength to finish putting away holiday decorations. Here in Wisconsin, […]

What to Do with a Boy Who Hates School

My son has been dreading this day since the start of Winter Break. Today is his day back to school after break, his first day back to a place he calls “prison” and likens to a “chain gang.” I know he’s not the only kid – and that I’m not the only parent – feeling […]