Let The Boys Learn

True story: Two first grade boys were waiting to use the restroom and decided to kill some time by reading the words on the wall. They wanted to see who knew the most words. (Boys like to compete). This was a risk as it was “Quiet Time” in the hall. One of the boys began […]

To Help Black Boys, Listen to Black Men

A note from Jennifer: A week ago, in light of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and 5 Dallas police officers, I re-shared my 2014 post, Why We Need To Worry About Black Boys. The response was generally positive, but I got comments like these too: When I think of the black kid who […]

Taking a Shot: All Students Learn Differently

Yesterday, I had the staff meeting in the gymnasium. The teachers were bewildered as they walked in the hot gym, wearing their business attire: dresses, high heels, suits, dress shoes, and all. The teachers were divided into four teams, and I told them each person had to attempt to make a free throw before they could […]

Helping Boys Succeed in School

Building Boys Featured Image

by Marcus Jackson, EdD With the right support and motivation, all boys can succeed in school! Try these simple tips to help the boys in your classroom or home: For Teachers Build a strong relationship with your students. As obvious and rudimentary as it sounds, your students must actually like you if they are going to […]