7 Ways Cartoons Inspire Your Boys To Achieve

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Inspiration, by its very definition,  is the feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something. This can relate to a whole number of activities. People can feel inspired to exercise, to research the history of an invention, or to make a nice gesture for another individual. Individuals need to feel inspired in order to put their all into everything and to really strive to achieve their goals – whatever these may be.

Inspiring children specifically can be very difficult. Parent would like to inspire their children  to do homework, be kind to others, and help around the house. But how?? How do you inspire an unmotivated boy?

Believe it or not, entertainment can help. Video games, TV shows, and cartoons can leave your child feeling inspired.  Read on to discover how…

  • Inspired to be nice

Children by their very nature can be selfish. This is a natural part of growing up. They see something; they want it – as simple as that. However, cartoons may inspire children to be kinder to one and other. They see how cartoon characters interact with each other and how characters do nice things in order to make others feel special. This is showcased in many cartoons, with Baby Looney Tunes being a great example. (Of course, not all cartoons inspire or promote kindness…)

  • Inspired to learn

The majority of cartoons have educational messages. They showcase how important and valuable learning can be. In fact, in most cartoons, it is the most intelligent person who proves  victorious. The biggest and strongest character doesn’t necessarily  win the race or battle; the clever character does.

Kids use their inspiration to  develop their own animations and games on Whitehat Jr.  

  • Inspired to get creative

A lot of children are attracted to the arts. There are lots of cartoons designed around this, such as Australian series Hi 5. 

  • General inspiration 

Cartoons  are exaggerated, eccentric, and over the top. This alone will give your child the feeling of mental motivation and stimulation. The excitement generated from a cartoon has a fantastic effect, creating a get up and go feeling.

  • Inspired to learn an instrument

A lot of children feel inspired to learn a musical instrument when they are young and this interest is welcomed by most parents, as learning to play an instrument is highly beneficial because it also enhances concentration and hand to eye coordination. The want to play a musical instrument sometimes derives from cartoons, with the likes of Jelly Jamm being very musically centred. (Cartoons are also a fantastic way to expose children to classical music!)

  • Inspired for life

Cartoons make children feel inspired for the life they have ahead. This is because there are cartoons that relate to certain careers and older life. A great example of this is Fireman Sam, a cartoon that has inspired children to want to be a fireman. 

  • Inspired to be healthy

Cartoons such as Lazy Town promote health and exercise. And there are even games that further inspiration. 

Cartoons certainly work well for providing entertainment, but they are also fantastic when it comes to offering inspiration as well. 

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