5 Ways To Boost Your Son’s Literacy Skills

For several years there’s been much study into boys vs. girls’ literacy enjoyment and success. According to a survey in Psychology Today, 52% of boys (compared with 72% of girls) said that they enjoyed reading books in the summer holidays. The study also reported that just 27% of boys said they liked to read books […]

Boys vs Girls: Teaching Strategies

Image Source A mixed learning environment can have lots of benefits. But some teaching strategies may not apply well to both genders. The way that both boys’ and girls’ brains tick is different. Here are some ways of getting boys to learn that differ from girls. Keep boys active Boys will often fidget more in […]

Three Career Choices For Boys Who Love To Read And Write

Even the most open-minded among us would agree that there are certain stereotypes about boys and girls in education. The masses generally seem to believe that girls are more creative and excel more at English and Art. Boys are typically seen to show their strengths in topics such as science, math and woodwork. While this […]

Why Treating Boys Like Girls Won’t Close the Gender Gap in Education

The headline — Boys should be treated “more like girls” to stop them falling behind at school — was enough to make me scream. The thinking behind it moved me to action and inspired me to write this post. If you’ve followed BuildingBoys for awhile, you know that I’ve long been concerned about boys’ lackluster achievement in […]

9 Tips to Boost Boys’ (& Girls’) Literacy Skills

Schools need to focus on acknowledging the academic, psychological and physical needs of boys. For my doctoral dissertation, I examined the gender achievement gap in reading and writing of fourth and fifth grade boys versus girls and offered practical solutions. Here are nine tested boy-friendly literacy strategies: • Create a noticeable basket of boy-appealing books in your […]

7 Ways Teachers Can Make School Better For Boys

A lot of boys hate school. That’s not exactly a well-kept secret. If you have boys of your own, you’ve likely heard plenty about what they don’t like about school, ranging from the food served at lunch (in my kids’ case, disgusting and not enough) to teachers they don’t like (the word boring gets tossed around […]

Books for Boys: Comics

Most boys — even boys who hate reading — find it hard to resist comic books. The attraction is obvious: active, colorful pictures; few blocks of text and ridiculous, courageous or hilarious scenarios. What’s not to like? If you live with a struggling or reluctant reader, I challenge you to check out some comic books. […]

Homeschooling Boys

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When I agreed to present a session on Homeschooling Boys at the Wisconsin Parents Association’s annual conference, I had no idea I’d be speaking to a room of almost 100 people. And yet there they were, bright-faced at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning, ready to share their concerns, insights and comments. Ostensibly, I was […]

Great Teachers, Part II

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In my other life, I’m a professional writer. And lately, we writers have noticed that a lot of people take good writing for granted. Anyone, the thinking goes, can write — so why pay someone big bucks to craft an article for you when anyone can hammer out some words on a keyboard? As writers, […]