Learning at Home

Learning at home can be fun. Right now, a lot of parents are freaking out at the prospect of schooling their kids while also working from home. And wondering if it’s even possible to do both without going crazy. It’s possible. In fact, it can be be downright wonderful. I homeschooled our boys for 7 […]

A Titanic Experience

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You know about our camping trip. But did you know that it all started with the Titanic? My 6-year-old son is a Titanic fanatic. He first got interested in the Titanic about a year ago, after we picked up a book about the famous wreck at a local garage sale. He poured over that book, […]

Best of the Blogs: Father’s Day Edition

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It’s not easy being a man today. In Rethinking Manhood: The New Feminist Project?, author Tom Matlack writes about the need to re-invent masculinity. “The most macho thing in the world is to be a loving father. To be a faithful husband. To put food on the table,” Matlack writes. “Even more macho is to […]

Books for Boys: Sandra Dodd’s Big Book of Unschooling

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Sandra Dodd’s son, Marty, is right: her Big Book of Unschooling makes an excellent bathroom book. Broken down into small, manageable bits, Sanda Dodd’s Big Book of Unschooling is inspiration waiting for action. It’s accessible, welcoming — and the perfect anti-dote for parental self-doubt. Her common sense words help you let go and trust and […]

Kids Need Unconditional Acceptance

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What’s more important: getting our kids to do as we say, or helping them grow into fulfilled adults? You might argue that it’s not an either/or choice, that it’s fully possible for a child to obey and grow into a fulfilled adult. And yet the question is one, I think, that cuts to the core […]


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“Boy development is trustworthy.” — Michael Thompson, author of It’s a BoyHow often do we worry about our sons? When they’re babies, we worry that they’re not eating enough, that they’re growing too fast or that they’re slow to walk. We worry when their female cousins babble months ahead of them and try not to […]

Bedtime for Boys

As far as regular bedtimes go, most of us fall into the “More or Less” camp. I’ll admit: I wasn’t sure what to vote. I’d say we fall somewhere between “More or Less” regular and “No. We have a routine, but…” We try to have the boys in bed around 8 pm. That’s as much […]

Guest Post: Sandra Dodd!

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We have a real treat today! If you’re a homeschooler, particularly of the unschooling variety, you may have already heard of Sandra Dodd. Sandra is the mother of three wonderful children who have never gone to school; her philosophy of life and learning involves joy and connection and can help bring peace and happiness to […]

Learning Alongside

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Last night, I was priviledged to watch an amazing display of Native American dance at my husband’s annual company party. It might seem an unlikely pairing — Native dance at an office party for mostly Caucasian engineers? — but one of their employees is Native American. His grandfather worked for the Wild Bill West Show, […]