Top Posts of 2019

2019: Conversations about boys move to center stage. CBSN created a documentary about raising boys. The American Psychological Association released recommendations for working with boys and men, igniting a debate about “traditional masculinity.” At home, parents of boys continued to grapple with screen time and video games. In schools, boys were still disproportionately represented at […]

How To Support Your Boys In Sports

Being a parent of boys is (almost always) a lot of fun. Sports can be a great way to channel boys’ energy — and a great way to bond and build social skills and confidence.  Whether you trial your boys out with different sports from a young age, or you let them find their way […]

Most-Read Posts of 2017

2017 was the year I realized how hungry parents are for information about tween and teen boys — and yet another year in which my own teens challenged everything I thought I knew. (For most of the year, I had 3 teens and 1 tween.) It was a year in which sex and consent were […]

Putting Your Boys On The Best Path For Success in Adulthood

Raising a child is more than just about taking care of them in the here and now. It’s preparing them for the future, setting them up to be successful and self sufficient adults, with the skills they will need to navigate life. If you’re wondering what are the most important things to focus on for […]

Why Boys Need More Independence

What is the purpose of childhood? From an evolutionary perspective, it’s to prepare oneself for a life of relative independence, where one’s survival depends on one’s own actions. Pixabay But today, things are different. Independent exploration of the world is not encouraged during childhood. In fact, in many parenting and school situations, it’s actively opposed. […]

Don’t Succumb to Fear

To a certain extent, being a parent today means living in a state of perpetual fear. We worry about our children’s well-being. We see and hear news stories about kidnappings and murders and sick children, and we hope and pray that nothing that terrible ever happens to our children, while also knowing that there’s next-to-nothing we […]

A Mind For Manners

Raising your kids to be polite is like putting the mirror up to yourself and looking at how your manners really are. If you aren’t polite and you seem to exude a lot of rudeness without realizing it, how can you tell your own children to say please and thank you? It would be somewhat […]

Why You Need to Read “Moral Combat”

The answer, in 4 words: Because you have boys. The answer, in 14 words: Because you have boys, and video games are a big part of boy culture. The slightly longer, more philosophical answer: Because many of the things you think and know about video games just aren’t so.  The popular narrative around video games, […]

Less Berating And More Motivating Your Boy To Study

Bringing up a child properly is no easy task. Not only do you have to look after them but you have to teach them to look after themselves. When it comes to education, of course, the task can become even trickier. If you have a boy with his head in the clouds and very little […]