Safety Tips For Parents Teaching Their Boys How To Drive

Black teenage boy sitting in the drivers seat of a car

Are you intimidated by the prospect of teaching boys how to drive?  When it comes to building independence in your son, one of the best things you can do is to teach him how to drive (when he reaches the legal age!) (Unsplash CC0) Of course, the prospect of your son taking the wheel can […]

Effective Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries In Adolescents

Over 30 million adolescents play sports in the U.S. alone. Sports are a great way for them to get out and exercise. However, many often injure themselves when playing. While an injury might not look too severe, it could be damaging to their growing body. This article will explore a handful of effective ways you […]

Teens & Memes: What I Learned

Tackling the subject of teens and memes is a bit…fraught. Last week, the New York Times published my article, The Role of Memes in Teen Culture. The article is aimed at parents (and grandparents and teachers), and it’s intended purpose is to help adults understand why and how teens use memes. It grew out of […]

Want Your Son to Succeed in College (& Life)? Do This.

Boys are now much more likely than girls to drop out of college. According to a recent Lifezette article, Over the past decade, about 30 percent of young men have dropped out of college during their freshman year…For those who stayed, 38 percent completed their bachelor’s degree in four years and 58 percent did so […]

Teenage Boys are Awesome. And Awful.

Teenage boys are awesome. I was reminded of that fact this morning when I ran across this video online. Take a watch; it is entirely worth 3 minutes of your time. Isn’t that great? It’s teen boys at their best. Their talent and ability to cooperate, to work at hard things and to create is clearly […]