ON BOYS: August 2020

We covered a lot of ground on ON BOYS parenting podcast in August: Back-to-school (pandemic-style!) How (& why) to start a boys’ book club Encouraging boys’ interests, no matter what they are Raising boys who become good men If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to ON BOYS so you don’t miss an episode!  […]

Gothic Horror in Today’s Popular Children’s Books

Gothic horror is one of the most popular genres of literature for children and adults. While the title may seem intimidating, you would be surprised to learn that some of the most cherished books you read as a child were gothic horror stories!. What is Gothic Horror? Gothic horror stories follow the formula of traditional […]

5 Ways To Boost Your Son’s Literacy Skills

For several years there’s been much study into boys vs. girls’ literacy enjoyment and success. According to a survey in Psychology Today, 52% of boys (compared with 72% of girls) said that they enjoyed reading books in the summer holidays. The study also reported that just 27% of boys said they liked to read books […]

Hobbies That Will Help Your Kids To Lead Happier Lives

Every parent wants their kids to leave happier lives, right? You want your kids to be as happy and carefree as possible while they’re young, and grow up to be happy adults too – rather than adults who complain about everything yet fail to make a change. So how can you raise your kids in […]

Fun Ways for Moms to Bond with Their Boys

Image source Building a strong relationship with your sons is of the utmost importance if you want them to grow up feeling loved and supported, if you want them to feel able to come to your with any and all of their problems, and if you want then to grow into the amazing young men […]

Let The Boys Learn

True story: Two first grade boys were waiting to use the restroom and decided to kill some time by reading the words on the wall. They wanted to see who knew the most words. (Boys like to compete). This was a risk as it was “Quiet Time” in the hall. One of the boys began […]

Boys vs Girls: Teaching Strategies

Image Source A mixed learning environment can have lots of benefits. But some teaching strategies may not apply well to both genders. The way that both boys’ and girls’ brains tick is different. Here are some ways of getting boys to learn that differ from girls. Keep boys active Boys will often fidget more in […]

Three Career Choices For Boys Who Love To Read And Write

Even the most open-minded among us would agree that there are certain stereotypes about boys and girls in education. The masses generally seem to believe that girls are more creative and excel more at English and Art. Boys are typically seen to show their strengths in topics such as science, math and woodwork. While this […]

Why Treating Boys Like Girls Won’t Close the Gender Gap in Education

The headline — Boys should be treated “more like girls” to stop them falling behind at school — was enough to make me scream. The thinking behind it moved me to action and inspired me to write this post. If you’ve followed BuildingBoys for awhile, you know that I’ve long been concerned about boys’ lackluster achievement in […]