The Benefit of Brothers

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My six-year-old recently told me, “You know what the good thing about having four brothers is? When we’re all grown up, if a dude picks on us, we can take him down!” He hesitated for a moment, then added, “And we’ll have lots of practice from childhood!”

Setting Boundaries

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Joyce Grant, of Getting Kids Reading, had a great post  about why boys don’t like school. She also wrote about boundaries. I love point # 7: Boys understand boundaries. Instead of saying, “no throwing snowballs,” make some boundaries. “Snowball throwing within this area only.” Boys get “inbounds vs. out-of-bounds.” And they’re good with it. We can’t […]

Coping with Crisis

On the positive side, there are some girls who emerge out of the divorced, mother-headed households as exceptionally resilient young women. It seems that some young women thrive on the increased responsibilities and challenges that they face in these families, and they develop warm and deeply affectionate ties with their mothers. Similar findings do not […]

Gun Play and Boys: Yay or Nay?

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After I wrote about the contents of our toyroom, another boy mama wrote in with a question: OMG! My son just (to my horror!) discovered … guns! It’s a total fixation since we were visiting another pal of mine with an older boy. I’m hoping it passes. I’m a big fan of gun control … […]

Bad News Boys

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One thing you learn when you write a blog about boys: a lots of the news about boys is negative. Think about the stories you’ve heard in the news lately. When was the last time you heard something positive about a boy? (Short of the every-so-often Eagle Scout announcement.) Most of the stories are about […]

Maybe You Get the Kid You Need

I’ve always been a little suspicious of a purist philosophy that some parenting experts bring: “If you do this, your kids will be this way.” I always EXPECTED my kids to work their problems out nonviolently, and we constantly worked on their having the tools and ability to do this; however, the reality that I […]


My boys (ages 3,5, 8 and 11) fight constantly. Don’t believe me? Check out this excerpt from my article in the January – February issue of Home Education Magazine: “Battles are part of our daily existence. Some are imaginative recreations of light saber battles or elaborate pirate swordfights. Others are purely physical explosions of energy […]