Helping Boys to Succeed in School

Image source It is a scientific fact that boys’ and girls’ brains develop differently.  Because of this fact, the way they learn at school is different, although not many schools take much notice of this.  In the US, the public education system has been the same for more than 100 years, and you need to […]

5 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside More

When we parents were younger, we were always playing outside with our friends. Now, that’s all changed. Due to a blend of technology and increased wariness about the state of the world, children are spending more times indoors than ever before. While it’s nice to know where they are, it’s also just true that people […]

The Link Between Freedom & Video Games

How many have you have complained about the amount of time your boys play video games? I have, and so has nearly every other parent of boys I know. We complain about the number of hours our boys spend glued to screens, and yet…I’m beginning to think that we’re a big part of the problem. […]

Boys & School

My 6-year-old son, a passionate, self-motivated learner got in trouble early in first grade. Why? Because he was squirmy and talkative and social. You can read more about it over at Boys and Young Men: Attention Must Be Paid. Here’s an excerpt: Not even one month into the school year, my son got in trouble […]

Climbing Ahead

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Ever notice how your boys frequently make their biggest leaps when you’re not looking? As you can probably tell, my three-year-old has learned to climb trees. And he did it all on his own. He was outside playing while the rest of us finished lunch. The older boys heard some loud singing from outside and […]

5 Reasons Boys Love Gardens

Gardening: a way to get boys engaged in outdoor play while also teaching valuable lessons about nutrition, the environment, and  hard work. And the best part is that while gardening is hard work, most boys hardly notice it because playing in the garden is also lots of fun. Here are five things boys love about gardening: 1. […]

Now THIS Is Love

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A couple months ago, I blogged about showing love. I’d asked Boy #1 how he knows his Mom loves him and his answer was, “Because she takes me fishing.” I thought of that at 6:15 this morning as I sped across a lake, cool — no, make that cold — mist spraying in my face. […]

It All Comes Back to the Boys

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This week, I had the privilege of being a guest on The Morning Blend, a Milwaukee-area morning talk show. I was there to talk about the Horicon Marsh, a 32,000 acre Wetland of International Importance that has been compared to the Florida Everglades. The Horicon Marsh, though, receives much less press and is much closer […]