When Boys Refuse to Do “Stupid” Homework

Boy doing homework

  What do you do with a son who refuses to do this homework? Especially a son who refuses out of principle — a son who most certainly could do the homework, but has decided it’s not worth his time and energy? This is not a rhetorical question. This is a question I have faced […]

Must-Read Books About Boys

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In other words: I may receive a small commission if you purchase any of these books through a link on this page.  If you’re parenting or teaching boys, you need every advantage you can get. The more you know about the way boys think, develop and […]

We Need a New Approach to Bullying

Our anti-bullying programs aren’t working. Kids continue to be bullied in school and elsewhere, and ignoring it or walking away often makes it worse. The boys I see in my practice who are bullied tell me, “I just deal with it. There’s nothing anyone can do…” It all happens so quickly. Teachers aren’t seeing it, […]

Why You Should Read The Last Boys Picked

I’ve never been a boy, but boy do I know all about being the last kid picked! I was always non-athletic. (In fact, until very recently, I still described myself as “one of the most non-athletic people you’ll ever meet.”) I wasn’t interested in sports and I wasn’t good at sports. Likely, those two things […]

Signs at School of Troubled Non-athletic Boys

Not all boys love sports. That simple fact may seem obvious, but the truth is that boy culture heavily favors athletic boys. Think about it: boys’ social lives often revolve around sports teams. Mens’ friendships frequently revolve around sports teams. Boys who are athletically-inclined have a natural advantage in a culture that heavily prizes athletics, […]

BuildingBoys Book Club: The Last Boys Picked

The more we understand the pressures our boys face in the wider world, the better we’ll be able to help them cope with those pressures. The more we understand our boys’ experiences, the better we’ll be able to advise, guide, parent and teach our boys. That’s why I do what I do here at BuildingBoys, […]

Helping “The Last Boys Picked” Survive in Sports-Obsessed Schools

In the agonizing moments before their names are called, those last boys picked for the kickball or basketball team during gym, or its un-legislated twin—recess—are getting a tutorial in what it means to be considered a liability. Alternating turns, the team captains—boys chosen for their athletic prowess or popularity or both—pick from among the rest […]

Being a Non-Sporty Boy in a Sports-Driven Culture

On a spectacular spring day several years ago, my nine-year-old son, Jake, and I stepped into an elevator following a routine dentist’s appointment, headed for home. Jake, by the way, is one of those boys who doesn’t like sports, isn’t any good at them, and avoids them at every turn. Moments later, we were joined […]