Your Son’s Health Must Always Come First

Your son’s health is a priority. When he’s young, it’s up to you to take all the necessary safety precautions, and you can control his food intake and exercise so his health is in the best possible condition. As he gets older, you step back and teach your son how to take care of his […]

Effective Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries In Adolescents

Over 30 million adolescents play sports in the U.S. alone. Sports are a great way for them to get out and exercise. However, many often injure themselves when playing. While an injury might not look too severe, it could be damaging to their growing body. This article will explore a handful of effective ways you […]

Summer Safety: Preventing Injuries

Ah, summer! Outdoor air, sun, sports, sand, swimming, biking — and blisters, sunburns and broken bones. Are you prepared to handle the most common summer injuries? I’ve found a two-pronged approach to be most helpful. Prong #1: Prevention Wrapping our boys in bubble wrap to prevent injury is not a good option. Boys need to […]