Here’s How To Keep Your Boys Safe At Home

When it comes to safety, we can do much to support the welfare of our children.  From teaching them the basics of road safety to promoting safe rough and tumble play, we can ensure they don’t come to any harm when away from us. There is much we can do at home too, as while […]

Keeping Bored Boys Occupied During The Summer Holidays

If you’ve got young boys, you’re probably familiar with the phrase ‘I’m bored.’ Keeping bored boys occupied can be tough, especially during the summer holidays. Here, we have some suggestions you can try. Remember, though; giving your boys something to do every time they tell you they are bored can actually be more damaging than […]

Hobbies That Will Help Your Kids To Lead Happier Lives

Every parent wants their kids to leave happier lives, right? You want your kids to be as happy and carefree as possible while they’re young, and grow up to be happy adults too – rather than adults who complain about everything yet fail to make a change. So how can you raise your kids in […]

Fun Ways for Moms to Bond with Their Boys

Image source Building a strong relationship with your sons is of the utmost importance if you want them to grow up feeling loved and supported, if you want them to feel able to come to your with any and all of their problems, and if you want then to grow into the amazing young men […]

Weapons Play Is OK

My boys’ fascination with weapons has all but passed. At the ages of 19, 16, 14 and 11, they’re not much interested in guns (real or pretend – save for the occasional Nerf battle), and the lightsabers that once saw so much action are collecting dust in the toy bin. But a few years ago, […]

Let The Boys Move

Did you know that boys are wired to move? Their brains, in fact, enter a rest stage when they’re not moving, which is one reason why so  many boys (and men) have such a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. Unfortunately, in all together too  many classrooms, boys are still expected to sit […]

4 Ways To Get Your Boy Out Of The House

We’ve all been there. Yes, there was a time when you could barely stroll around your own home without accidentally trampling your little boy as he scampered all over the house. Whether or not your child was ‘active’ was most likely the last thing on your mind back in those days. Then everything changed. You […]

Creative Clutter

Are there blocks scattered about your living room? Random pieces of wood and nails on your garage floor? Before you holler, take a deep breath and read this post. (I know — the odds of you having your computer in the garage with you at this very moment are slim to none, but bear with […]

Boy Energy

Building Boys Featured Image

I’ll be speaking at the Wisconsin Parents Association conference in Oshkosh this weekend, reprising last year’s Homeschooling Boys session. I’ll also be presenting a new session, Boundless Energy: Understanding (and Respecting) Boys’ Need for Movement. Boys, as you well know, are built for action. Staying still is not their strong suit; jumping off couches is […]

What Are Your Boys Into?

Building Boys Featured Image

Ever notice how certain obsessions come and go? For awhile, Boy #2 was obsessed with dinosaurs. Then he switched to butterflies. (Go figure.) Some days, the Tonka trucks are in style. Other days, they’re not. The latest obsessions at my house are Lincoln logs, sand and water. Let me explain. The Lincoln logs are just, […]