Your Son’s Health Must Always Come First

Your son’s health is a priority. When he’s young, it’s up to you to take all the necessary safety precautions, and you can control his food intake and exercise so his health is in the best possible condition. As he gets older, you step back and teach your son how to take care of his […]

Talking About Coronavirus

How are you talking about coronavirus with your kids? I was prepared (mostly) for the sex talk. (Lots of sex talks.) And we’ve had lots of conversations about drinking, drugs, vaping, relationships, respect and a zillion other things. I hadn’t given any thought to how I’d discuss an infectious, emerging global pandemic, though. Yes, health […]

Vaping, Living With & Talking to Boys

2 smiling blond brothers

In April, we talked about vaping, living with & talking to boys on On Boys podcast. We also talked about learning to trust yourself as a parent. And now that I think about, those seemingly diverse topics have more in common than we first realized… Hear me out. A solid base of reliable information and […]

Alternative Sports You & Your Boy Will Love To Do Together

For the most part, young boys love sports. They love contact sports, non-contact sports, group sports, solo sports – if there is a sport to be involved with, a little boy will dive right in. And why not? They’re great for building fitness, promoting teamwork and building self-esteem. Getting involved in sports can also help […]

How To Support Your Boys In Sports

Being a parent of boys is (almost always) a lot of fun. Sports can be a great way to channel boys’ energy — and a great way to bond and build social skills and confidence.  Whether you trial your boys out with different sports from a young age, or you let them find their way […]

How to Stop School Shootings

There have been 18 school shootings in the United States in 2018* – in a year that is only 46 days old.  Yesterday, a 19-year-old male — and yes: to date, the school shooters have all been male — walked into his former high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and killed 17 […]

Getting Your Children Into Exercise: The Right Approach

It is the age of technology. The overwhelming amount of new tech coming out at a rapid pace is apparent in every aspect of life, and the newer generations are getting more and more accustomed to it at a young age. Children today are exposed to iPads and other tablets before they can talk, and […]

Teaching Kids First Aid Skills

Image Teaching your children how to perform first aid is a life skill which can prove invaluable to them later on through their lives. If they ever come into a situation where they or their loved ones require medical assistance, they will be trained to be able to treat the person and possibly even save […]

5 Ways To Fuel Your Boys For Sport When your kids are quite active, you have to make sure that you’re able to keep on top of their health levels. Between running around at school, sports practices, and then running around at home, it won’t be long before they get tired out. And while that’s definitely what you want come bedtime, you […]

Putting Your Boys On The Best Path For Success in Adulthood

Raising a child is more than just about taking care of them in the here and now. It’s preparing them for the future, setting them up to be successful and self sufficient adults, with the skills they will need to navigate life. If you’re wondering what are the most important things to focus on for […]