Guns: Yay

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We seem to be a pretty pro-toy gun bunch: over 60% of the respondents to my poll said they let their boys play with toy guns unrestricted. Of course, I have a healthy hunch that even “unrestricted” comes with some common sense guidelines. I mean, I answered “unrestricted,” but if I see one of my […]

Gun Safety, Not Gun Control

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I know — I sound like a representative of the NRA. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth; I actually think some gun control is a good thing. But we’re not talking politics here; we’re talking boys. And when it comes to gun play, I think our best bet is to seize the […]

Gun Play and Boys: Yay or Nay?

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After I wrote about the contents of our toyroom, another boy mama wrote in with a question: OMG! My son just (to my horror!) discovered … guns! It’s a total fixation since we were visiting another pal of mine with an older boy. I’m hoping it passes. I’m a big fan of gun control … […]