Let The Boys Learn

True story: Two first grade boys were waiting to use the restroom and decided to kill some time by reading the words on the wall. They wanted to see who knew the most words. (Boys like to compete). This was a risk as it was “Quiet Time” in the hall. One of the boys began […]

Criminal or Clueless? When Sex Means Jail

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Can you identify the person who allegedly raped you?”  “Yes your Honor,” says the girl. “He’s right there.”  She points and all eyes land on the pimply teenager, flanked by power suits—clearly his attorneys. The boy drops his head and a tear slides down his nose.  Could this be your son?  As a mom of […]

Getting Boys to Eat Healthy Food

Nutritionally speaking, we’ve raised our two boys and one girl exactly the same…but the outcomes have been disturbingly different. Case in point: Halloween. We don’t let our kids have much food coloring. So after they came home from trick-or-treating this year, where do you think we found them? Well, my daughter (always the rule-follower) was […]

Guest Blogger: Jan Udlock

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Please allow me to introduce fellow freelancer and homeschooler, Jan Udlock. Jan writes for a wide variety of magazines and homeschools her youngest three children (ages 10,13, 14; her oldest children are away at college). She lives with her family on a bit of acreage in the Pacific Northwest. Her vices include coffee, chocolate, anything […]

Guest Post: Nathan Musack on Spontaneous Learning

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Nathan Musack is maintenance technician, writer, musician and follower of Blogging ‘Bout Boys. He’s also the father of four children: Twin boys (11), a daughter (8), and another little boy (2). When he mentioned the hole-turned-archeological-dig in his backyard, I just had to hear more. In mid March, my twin sons and some of their […]

5 Reasons Boys Love Gardens

Gardening: a way to get boys engaged in outdoor play while also teaching valuable lessons about nutrition, the environment, and  hard work. And the best part is that while gardening is hard work, most boys hardly notice it because playing in the garden is also lots of fun. Here are five things boys love about gardening: 1. […]

Back-to-School Tips for Boys

With the school year starting, it is time to set up solid routines for your sons to get back into homework-mode. Here are a few suggestions to help your sons not only stay on top of their schoolwork, but also maintain balance between homework and fun activities: Give Him Time to Recharge After a long day […]

Guest Blog: From Freeways to Flip-Flops

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I’m honored to be a guest blogger on “Blogging’Bout Boys.” My name is Sonia Marsh and I write the blog Gutsy Writer. In 2004 we left our comfortable life in Orange County, California, and moved to an island in Belize. WHY? We had 3 reasons: 1. To rescue our 16-year-old son from some bad choices […]


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With all, ahem, respect to Aretha Franklin, this post is about respect. My good friend and fellow blogger, Sarah Ludwig (remember her from the blogathon?) is running a wonderful contest on her blog, Parenting By Trial and Error. She’s giving away a book called The Secrets of Happy Families: Eight Keys to Building a Lifetime […]

I’m a Ripe Tomato

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Meet my latest (OK, my 2nd) blogging award: Blog Salad’s Ripe Tomato Award, presented by the generous, talented man otherwise known as Ron Doyle. If you’ve been around awhile, you probably remember Ron’s hilarious guest post during the May blogathon. (Does a hairy Tom Selleck ring a bell?) If not, you need to go check […]