Men & Boys Cry Too

The NFL has taken a lot of (deserved) hits lately. The league’s questionable handling of some of its players’ unquestionably bad behavior have left many wondering if the NFL, football and professional sports don’t contribute to a culture of toxic masculinity – a one-sided, tough-guy version of manliness that sometimes spawns ideas of male entitlement and acts […]

Bullying, Hypermasculinity & Warrior Culture


Shame is at the heart of the issue.  As men, we create so much misery and oppression because we fail to deal with our own grief, anger, and confusion. In a culture where fatherlessness is rampant, I meet so many adolescent males who are constantly bombarded by pathological messages about what it means to be […]

Do You Let Your Boys Play Football?

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I just returned from dropping Boy #3 off at football practice.  He’s 10-years-old. His older brother, Boy #2, also plays. He’s 13. Both boys are in tackle football leagues. Are you surprised? Our decision to support our boys’ desire to play football is becoming less common. While football was once considered the ultimate boy sport, at […]

The Challenge of Raising Boys

Photo via U.S. National Archives What concerns you the most about parenting boys?  Three of my top 3 boy-raising concerns are: 1) Respect. I want my boys to learn to treat men and women, young and old, with respect, and I’d like that respect to show in their words and deeds. Overall, my boys are […]

Junior Seau, Sports Illustrated & Playing Thru Pain

If you follow football (or the national news), you probably know that former NFL great Junior Seau committed suicide at the age of 43. News reports speculate that repeated brain trauma, the result of years in football, may have contributed to his self-inflicted death. As a healthcare writer and nurse, I find that possibility intriguing, […]

Football Fans, Unite!

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Up here in Packer country, it’s been an interesting year. First, our star quarterback defects to the Vikings. Then, after losing twice to said star quarterback, we lose to Tampa Bay. Fire Ted Thompson & Mike McCarthy groups are now gaining ground on Facebook. Football fans are a passionate bunch. If you have one in […]

We Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

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A house full of sick kids can certainly knock you off your routine. It can empty your pocketbook too. But flu or no flu, life must go on, so I’m back to the blog. To kick things off, let’s do another giveaway! I’m giving away a copy of the Fantasy Football Guidebook by Sam Hendricks. […]

Books for Boys: Fantasy Football Guidebook

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‘Tis the season — for football! Those football fans among you have probably been enjoying the season for weeks now (depending on your team). And the die-hard football fanatics are probably already well-aware of the phenomenon that is fantasy football. For the uninitiated, though, fantasy football is a game in which players “draft” real, live […]

Boys Can Do Anything

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Equality is usually a world we hear in relationship to girls and women. The assumption is that boys and men have ruled the world for so long that there’s virtually nothing they can’t do. Except. Rigid role expectations still confine far too many boys (& men) to less-than-fulfilling lives. The Boy Code is still going […]